Mobile Coffee Hire At Red Energy Melbourne

hart's coffee cart at red energy

Mobile Coffee Hire at Red Energy Headquarters Melbourne

Red Energy headquarters in Richmond Melbourne is one of our regular visits throughout the year with over 500 staff onsite that enjoy cafe style coffee set up right inside their call center. We usually set up first thing in the morning before 8am so that our mobile coffee hire unit is ready to serve the staff as they arrive for work.

We are usually greeted with staff saying “are you ready yet” even as we are unloading the mobile coffee cart from the trailer! After all we are in Melbourne and Melburnians must have their coffee in hand as soon as possible each morning. Our set up takes around 45min to set up before we can serve however once the staff taste our barista made coffee, they are more than happy to line up for the second cup!

mobile coffee hire
Coffee Cart set up for Red Energy Melbourne in their call center

The staff at Red Energy are usually also treated with a fully catered lunch on some days also which makes for a really great working atmosphere with colleagues able to mingle together with a great cup of coffee in hand along with amazing food. The place has a real buzz about it with all sections of the call center interacting throughout the morning as they go about getting their work done.

After a 4-5 hour stretch of serving out nearly 500 coffees, the staff always treat us also to a lovely morning tea and lunch as there is usually a lot left over. We have a quick bite to eat and then start the cleaning and pack up process ready for the next job.

mobile coffee hire
Staff at Red Energy enjoying a fully catered lunch

For more information on booking our mobile coffee cart service to attend your workplace, please use the contact us form or quick quote form to receive information on having a mobile cafe brought to you onsite.

Jason Hart