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Coffee Cart for Private Party

Let us provide your guests the ultimate experience of having café style hot beverages, served to them onsite for your private parties.

Over the years we have provided our mobile coffee cart service for hundreds of private functions including birthday parties from 1 year old to 80 years old, engagement parties, christenings, weddings, memorials or just to spoil yourself along with your family and friends.

Having a professional coffee cart and barista onsite really impresses your guests and provides a very welcoming environment especially when everyone can smell the coffee walking into the indoor function space. Along with a full cafe style menu, we also offer hot chocolate, chai and range of 5 different teas so everyone that attends can enjoy a hot beverage.

We’ll arrive to your party at least 45min prior to serving to allow enough time to load in ( via ramps and/or lifts ) set up and have that beautiful coffee aroma flowing through the function space before your guests arrive. Afterwards we’ll pack up our gear, clean the area well that we have used through service and make sure that the room is as tidy as it was prior to us arriving.

We love meeting new people and chatting about all things coffee and also giving our clients tips and tricks so that they can go on and make better coffee at home, either espresso or one of the many other styles of brewing. Our own coffee blend is available for sale at all functions we attend and we can also arrange a private training session for those coffee connoisseurs that would like to step up their coffee making skills at home or in the workplace.

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Great communication and service, excellent tasting coffee- all of which made our child’s first birthday celebration more special. Was definitely enjoyed by our guests. Thanks to Jason and his team.

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