RUOK Day Melbourne Coffee Cart

RUOK Day TABCORP Coffee Cart Melbourne

RUOK Day Melbourne Coffee Cart

Every year and sometimes multiple times throughout the year we provide our all inclusive Melbourne coffee cart hire service to different workplaces in and around Melbourne for RUOK day. This year we made a few visits to the 300 plus staff at the TABCORP headquarters in St Kilda. Bringing our mobile coffee cart into workplaces creates a great atmosphere and gives staff the opportunity to order their favourite coffee beverage and to take the time to chat and make sure that their work colleagues are OK.

RUOK Day Melbourne Coffee Cart
RUOK Day Melbourne at TABCORP Headquarters St Kilda

Great coffee brings people together and everyone knows that Melbourne is the coffee capitol, so what better way to bring people together to chat than to have your own mobile coffee cart at work. We love setting up in workplaces and providing great service to the staff onsite. We provide a full espresso based coffee menu, hot chocolate, chai and range of seven different teas. The staff at TABCORP provide a great atmosphere and ideal spot for us to set up in in the foyer of their building.

TABCORP Coffee Cart Melbourne
Set up for RUOK Day Melbourne at TABCORP St Kilda

More information can be found at the RUOK website.

RUOK day Coffee Cart bookings

Contact us today to book our mobile coffee cart service in Melbourne for RUOK Day. Although this is an official date, keep in mind that you can have your RUOK Day at any time. Feel free to take a look around our website at the functions and events we have catered for over the years and we will be happy to get back to you with a no obligation quote if you fill in details of your function via the Quick Quote form.

Jason Hart