Coffee Hire For Events

coffee hire for events

Coffee Hire For Events

One of the most frequently asked questions Hart’s Coffee Cart have come in on email on a weekly basis is ” Do you do Coffee Hire For Events”? The short answer is Yes we do, however there is a lot more to the question than meets the eye! Let us explain:

Coffee Hire for Events Melbourne

First of all, we are a Melbourne based mobile coffee cart company that limits our all inclusive packages to Melbourne and surrounding areas of Victoria. We do however have relationships with coffee cart suppliers in other states of Australia that we can refer you to. If by chance we are fully booked on your event date, we also have other Melbourne based coffee cart suppliers that we work in with that have the same high standards as we do. Keep in mind, not all coffee is created equal!

coffee hire for events
Coffee Hire for and Event at Samsung Store Highpoint for the release of the Galaxy S6 Edge.

Coffee Hire for Events – An important choice!

It is important to consider all factors when searching for your mobile coffee cart supplier for your next event. Like most industries their are many suppliers to choose from, so it is important for you to choose wisely and to also pick a supplier who you get along with and can form an ongoing business relationship with, rather than shopping on price alone.

Here at Hart’s Coffee Cart we prefer to work with our clients with a long term view of doing business together for many years to come, rather than the attitude of “What’s in it for us this week”. Having said that, it is also important to realise that ultimately you will get what you pay for like in any other industry. Small business’s need to make a profit so that they can continue to deliver outstanding products and services to you in future.

coffee hire for events
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Release at Highpoint shopping centre Melbourne

Coffee Hire For Events – Treat Your Guests to an Amazing Coffee Experience!

At the end of the day, some people shop on price alone, some consider service and delivery to be important, some don’t care at all as long as someone or something is onsite for their event. From our point of view we can certainly advise from our 5 years in the industry that your guests are the ones that will ultimately be drinking what is provided to them on the day, and if that coffee isn’t up to scratch and isn’t made efficiently with friendly experienced staff then it doesn’t just look bad on the coffee cart supplier but also comes back on the person who booked the supplier and that person would be You!¬†With Melbourne being the coffee capital, the average punter knows a lot more about how coffee should be and therefore raises the bar for all concerned.

Our parting words – Don’t shop looking for a commodity, look for a quality brand and service like Hart’s Coffee Cart who provides and all inclusive coffee hire for events service in Melbourne and Country Victoria. Check out our 5 star reviews here: Google Reviews

We can be contacted directly via email at or via phone on 0417 596 764 for all enquiries.