Hart’s Coffee Cart Terms Of Service

  1. Upon invoice, payment is required in full to secure your function date and times. EFT or credit card payments are accepted. Credit card attracts a 2.9% paypal fee and is the only form of payment for last minute bookings where there is no time left for EFT to clear.
  2. If cancellation is received via email prior to event date, a 50% refund of total invoice is given. If for any reason we have to cancel, full refund is offered and we will try and provide an alternative supplier for you.
  3. Access via ramps and / or lifts must be available at the venue. The mid and large sized carts cannot be lifted up stairs. This includes load in from the car park into the venue and also within the venue itself. Our own ramp can get the carts up no more than two gutter sized steps. Our set up on a mobile table and smaller cart can be maneuvered into more difficult locations including upstairs, within reason. Standard OHS guidelines will be considered.
  4. To be able to operate the coffee cart, we require power onsite at each venue. One nearby dedicated double 10 amp power point must be available. At least one 15 / 20 amp single phase power point is required if we are using the larger cart.
  5. We are suited to an indoor environment. An undercover option on flat stable ground must be implemented, if you prefer us to work outdoors. In the event of extreme weather, an indoor option must be provided to us. Extreme weather refers to temperatures below 10 degrees, wind, rain or hail and above 30 degrees, with extreme UV and heat. Please take into consideration Melbourne’s variable and unpredictable weather, along with the comfort of your guests.
  6. WE ARE NOT A ROAMING COFFEE VAN. We are a coffee cart service, catering for indoor or undercover functions and events. We require a minimum of 45 minutes to load in and set up before serving can commence. The same applies for pack down and bump out. We don’t charge for set up and pack down.
  7. If an access card is required and / or security need to let us in and out of areas, we require assistance onsite from a staff member. If access is an issue on the day and / or a reasonable attempt at helping us gain entry and set up isn’t acknowledged, we reserve the right to leave with no refund given.
  8. Whilst onsite at your function, we will not tolerate any form of aggression, intimidation, attitude or ego’s towards any of our staff members. It is at our discretion how we choose to deal with these situations if they arise. We are here to provide and deliver a first class café experience to your doorstep.  If our staff members feel they are not comfortable staying in a certain environment and nothing has been done to rectify the problem after expressing concern, our staff have the right to pack up and leave with no refund given.
  9. In the extreme case that we cannot make your event and / or we break down or have any of our serviced machinery breakdown at / or prior to your event, a full refund will be given. We will do everything within our power to replace faulty equipment quickly and / or provide another supplier so that your event can carry on.
  10. It is at our discretion which coffee cart set up we choose to bring to your function.

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