Barista Staff at Hart’s Coffee Cart Melbourne

Jason Hart | Proprietor & Barista

Jason has a wide variety of experience in hospitality. He has worked in hotels and for various cafes and mobile coffee units in and around Melbourne Victoria.

Jason also has a creative side to him having been involved in the music and IT industries over the years, all of which have combined to make Jason’s customer service skills of a very high standard.

He loves working as as qualified Barista and is always looking for ways to improve each and every cup that he makes.

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Karine Hart | Proprietor & Administration

As Jason’s wife, Karine plays a big part in Hart’s Coffee Cart

Karine’s knowledge of the wedding industry as an authorised Marriage Celebrant, together with her work in sales have made her a fantastic asset to the business.

Her exceptional customer service is highly regarded by all of our regular clients, not to mention her Barista skills of texturing that perfect silky milk for each and every cup!

barista staff melbourne

Barista Staff Melbourne

If you are looking at hiring professional barista staff for your function in Melbourne, be sure to contact us for our all inclusive coffee cart and barista hire service! We look forward to hearing from you.

Fantastic, friendly and professional service.”